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SOM+C Team New York COVID19

Whoa! Things sure are happening fast around the world regarding the COVID19 pandemic. In the last few weeks it seems as though we went from No events greater than 100 ppl, then No events greater than 50, to no gatherings over 10, and then stay home until further notice to #flattenthecurve

SOM+C staff and members have been busy as most are active or former #SOF #medics working in a variety of healthcare situations. In true #SOFmedic fashion our staff and members have stepped up and answered the call to fill the need for health care practitioners in #newyork

Currently you can find #SOFmedics with #teamrubicon (read more here) and in the Ryan Larkin New York Presbyterian Field Hospital (here).

Here are some photos of our very own Research Lead, Mr. Ricky Ditzel speaking to volunteers during an orientation session prior to opening the doors at the field hospital to #covid19 patients.

Keep following us on social media for updates from SOM+C and our members on the ground. #stayhealthy

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