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Juliet served with the Air Force on Active Duty for close to 9 years as a medic, with a deployment to Afghanistan. She separated off of AD and commissioned upon acceptance into medical school, and is currently attending Boonshoft School of Medicine, as an HPSP scholarship recipient, set to graduate in the Spring of 2022. She is pursuing Emergency Medicine. As a SOM+C education ambassador, she hopes to help assist veterans through the medical school application process, as well as the transition from Active Duty, scholarship programs, and resume/CV building.  

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About the education ambassador program

As part of the Education Ambassador program, we are focused on expanding our network of SOF Medics in the academic environment to support the transition of battlefield providers to Veteran professionals.

As an Education Ambassador, SOM+C does not require much of your time but we ask for your dedicated service to our members.


Must represent SOM+C in a professional manner at all times. Education Ambassador's should hold a 3.0 GPA or higher in their academic program.

Must abide by all federal/local/state and academic laws.

Must be willing to commit 3 hours per month of volunteer service to the program.

Of these 3 hours - we ask that your time is devoted to but not limited to:

Engaging with your schools Veteran Department

Inquiring about Veteran Benefits

Willingness to answer emails/phone calls regarding from our members.

Willingness to review resumes, CV's, personal statements, and essays of SOM+C members interested in your program.

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education partners


education grant

open jan 10 - feb 28 2022


The SOM+C Education Grant will provide support to a verified SOF Medic and assist with financial needs up to $1,000 based on their education goals.  Examples include but are not limited to; course costs, book fees, semester fees, testing fees, and other items not covered by tuition assistance or other scholarship and grant opportunities.  


  1. SOF Medic must be a current and active member of SOM+C.

  2. The grant application must be completed in full.

  3. Must be able to provide proof of Special Operations Medic (DD214, JSOMTC Certificate, ATP, NSOCM, etc).

  4. Must have received an honorable discharge from military service if a Veteran. 

  5. Must be able to provide proof of financial need (outstanding bill).

  6. SOF Medic must complete an essay between 900 and 1,000 words. 

  7. Must provide a current curriculum vitae (CV). 

  8. Grant applications will be sent to the Board of Directors for an unbiased review and decision.

  9. If approved, SOM+C will pay directly to the financial institution and not the individual member.

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