SOM+C Education Grant Cycle 2021



The SOM+C Education Grant will provide support to a verified SOF Medic and assist with financial needs up to $1,000 based on their education goals.  Examples include but are not limited to; course costs, book fees, semester fees, testing fees, and other items not covered by tuition assistance or other scholarship and grant opportunities.  


  1. SOF Medic must be a current and active member of SOM+C.

  2. Grant application must be completed in full.

  3. Must be able to provide proof of Special Operations Medic (DD214, JSOMTC Certificate, ATP, NSOCM, etc).

  4. Must have received an honorable discharge from military service if a Veteran. 

  5. Must be able to provide proof of financial need (outstanding bill).

  6. SOF Medic must complete an essay between 900 and 1,000 words (specifications below). 

  7. SOF Medic must complete a personal biography between 250 and 500 words. 

  8. Must provide a current curriculum vitae (CV). 

  9. Grant applications will be sent to the Board of Directors for an unbiased review and decision.

  10. If approved, SOM+C will pay directly to the financial institution and not the individual member.


  1. Qualifying programs/certifications: 

    1. Undergraduate/Graduate/Doctoral program fees to include but not limited to, books, tuition, and lab fees. 

    2. Technical certifications.

  2. Essay Requirements: A minimum of 900 words with no more than 1,000 -  Describe your educational goals and contributions to service within or outside of your community.  Please submit in word document, Times New Roman 12 pt font, and double spaced. 

  3. Biography Requirements: A minimum of 250 words with no more than 500  - Tell SOM+C about yourself. Please submit in a word document, Times New Roman 12 pt font, and double spaced. 

Instructions for submission:  scan and Send all required documents below to nlt February 28, 2021.  

  1. Completed grant application (link to pdf below)

  2. proof of sof medic affiliation

  3. proof of need (bill, statement, etc)

  4. essay

  5. personal biography

  6. cv

grant application