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Education Grant opportunities (SOF MEDIC ONLY)

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SOF MEDIC: Defined as a graduate of a SOF instructed, MOS/ASI/NEC generated program of record

By service; Army - SOCM (68WW1, 38BW4) / SFMS (18D; Navy - SOCM/SARC (L11A) / SOIDC (L02A); Air Force - PJ; International - NSOCM Grad or equivalent.  


SOF ENABLER: Defined as a non-SOF trained provider CURRENTLY assigned to a SOF unit or SOF medic training center. (membership will be retained if/when individual transfers to non-SOF support role)

If not a part of one of these categories you fall into our Sof enthusiast category and will receive all benefits not exclusive to other categories.


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