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the Ryan larkin mental health project


 to SUpport team NY 

Special Operations Medic Coalition is taking part in the fight against COVID-19 in New York.  SOM+C is providing support to Veteran Special Operations Medics who have again answered the call to serve their nation.  They will be utilizing their full scope of practice to care for patients who are fighting for their lives.  SOM+C has staff and members at the Ryan Larkin New York Presbyterian Field Hospital.  This Field Hospital is dedicated in memory of U.S. Navy SEAL Ryan Larkin.  Ryan was not only a Navy SEAL, but one of our very own Special Operations Medics.

To support our team of veteran SOF medics and administration on the ground in New York, we at SOM+C have designed custom, limited edition Low Trauma No Drama Llama COVID19 t-shirts.  The SOM+C mascot is a favorite amongst our followers and the limited edition design will help us to raise the funds to support our mission.  The proceeds from our crowd rise fundraiser and from the purchase of each t-shirt will go to supporting our SOF men and women working on the front lines against this pandemic.  Once support is complete any additional funds will go to SOM+C to provide further training and educational opportunities for our SOF medics.  Additionally, a percentage of these funds will be donated to the research of Traumatic Brain Injury in the memory of Ryan Larkin.  SOM+C strives to bring awareness to issues such as TBI that our SOF medics are haunted with years after their selfless service to this great nation is complete

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