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What is SOM+C?

Medics in our community, to include me, seem to be continuously looking for the same things, sustainment, development, and opportunity. Time and time again I hear it in the team room and chat room, there is no single source to receive information, resources, and knowledge about becoming better or sustaining.

SOM+C aims to be the single source of centralized communication, resources, and knowledge for the SOF Medic to utilize. The SOM+C experiment is a considerable undertaking I know, but we will strive to succeed. We are dedicated to Enhancing Prehospital Medicine by Focusing on the SOF Medic. Does this mean that we do not want docs, PAs, Nurses, Techs, and civilians involved? No, we understand the SOF truths; Most special operations require non-SOF support. All SOF medics rely on SOF support and subject matter experts from all fields to make us better and help us succeed in our endeavors.

The Special Operations Medic community possesses some of the best-experienced warfighters who have endeavored through the toughest of situations to save to lives. SOF Medics are so much more than just a "doc" they are humanitarians, warfighters, intelligence specialists, global health representatives, and above all fathers/mothers and friends. We want to work to support all of these areas and be the advocates our medics need. The Special Operations Medic community contains some of the smartest and bravest men the world has ever known, and SOM+C hopes to honor and support these courageous men and woman, with opportunities, benevolence support, and resources so they can succeed.

SOM+C will operate on Three Pillars; Research, Training, and Community Outreach. Managing each of these pillars are our motivated volunteers who are known and sought out as subject matter experts in these areas. We hope to use these pillars to provide and publish articles to help our members be better medics, teachers, students, and providers. SOM+C also wants to ensure SOF Medics have the resources they need for continuing education, professional, and personal development. These resources are provided through resource lists, mentorship pools, networking opportunities, and more. The goal is to focus on enhancement of the SOF Medic as a whole, not just through training and education. Another program is our International Liaison program. We strive to be the first organization that provides a place for SOF Medics from all over the globe to come together and share experiences, resources, and opportunities. We will partner with a SOF Medic delegate from each country.

We at SOM+C always work with the drive and determination to make ourselves and our community better. The motivation of our talented and driven members comes from the determination to save lives and support our brothers.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you can join us on this journey!



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