Transition Assistance

This program is dedicated to supporting the transition from battlefield provider to Veteran professional.

  • Mentorship:

    • Goal:  Create partnerships with aspiring SOF Medics and professional leaders to encourage career and personal growth.

    • Details:  SOM+C strives to create a 1-1 match of Mentee with appropriate Mentor; based on the goals of the individual.  The Mentorship program is available to all SOM+C verified SOF Medic members. 

  • Grant: 

    • Goal: To provide financial assistance to SOF Medics for educational needs which are not met by other means (i.e. tuition assistance), and is a financial burden to the member.

    • Details:  The SOM+C Education Grant will provide verified SOF Medics with a route to assist with financial needs based on their educational goals.  Examples include but are not limited to; course costs, book fees, semester fees, testing fees, and other items not covered by tuition assistance or other scholarship and grant opportunities.  

For More Information

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