special operations medic coalition SOM+C



Special Operations Medic Coalition (SOM+C) has been organized
exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes under
section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code, or corresponding
section of any future tax code, serving as a resource for Special
Operations Medics through the following activities:



Som+C envisions every Special Operations MEdic having the resources necessary to enhance their careers, capabilities, and community



SOM+C will advocate for the special operations medic and assist in their transition from battlefield provider to veteran professional


the objectives of SOM+C are to focus on the career, capabilities, and community of the special operations medic

Why Special Operations Medics?

Special Operations Medics selflessly sacrifice daily to bring our heroes home. They are a rare breed, and SOM+C is focused on support to help these warriors. They attend some of the harshest training in the military, and work tirelessly on their craft, all the while ignoring personal and professional needs. Special Operations Medics are vital assets to the civilian and military community.


SOM+C is here to provide them the support and resources they have earned.

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